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Turning a Vision into Reality

No event is too large or too small and I always look forward to a new challenge. I live for the moment when my client's are elated and amazed, as they walk into the room for their special event, knowing I had a part in creating that magic for them. I want you to truly and completely enjoy your event, even more than your guests! The party may be for your guests, but it is a representation of you! I handle all the details, respond to every phone call, text and email, think of everything you may need or want and stay within your budget. If you want help planning your perfect event, get in touch with me today!


I can' t wait to meet you and hear all of your ideas.

Dawn Denice
Founder & Creative Director
The History

More about Dawn Denice

When I was a child, I used to design wedding dresses from my grandmother's lace curtains, and create bouquets from her amazing hydrangea bushes.  I could not get enough of the beauty I saw in bringing a vision to life and living in the moment of it, so I would then use our family Polaroid camera to capture my creations in a timeless measure.  Having many dedicated years in the hospitality industry, it was only natural I followed my passion and love for executing incredible moments for so many others.


For more than 20 years, I've been planning special events, to include weddings and all other occasions, both large and intimate. Being a native of Charleston, South Carolina, every Charleston event is special to me in a way I cannot articulate other than to express a sense of pride and immense gratification. Having clients entrust me with their special events, is a true affirmation of the dedication and genuineness I bring to every moment of my relationship with my clients.  

Each client is different, and every event is unique. With clear vision and an openness to the needs of our clients, I offer customized flat rate packages to ensure stress free and affordable options. All services are customized to your specific individual needs.

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